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» November 2013

703 University (Only)

Dear Residents of 703 University:


You may move back into your apartment (703 Residents Only) starting tomorrow, November 26th @ 9am. Our maintenance team will open the doors at that time and you are free to access your apartment.


If you are in a hotel… Please check-out at the front desk by tomorrow 11/26/13 @ 11am.


If you are at home enjoying Fall break… upon your return you may move back into your apartment anytime after 11/26/13 @ 9am.


Since we will still be working on the roof at 705 University… we will continue to use the parking lot directly behind 703 for work materials, etc.  Please continue to park in the

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703-705 University - Res Update

Dear Resident(s) of 703/705 University-


Fall Break is approaching and many of you will head home for the week. If this is the case… please check out of the hotel by visiting the front desk the day of your departure. Please take all of your belongings with you from the hotel.


We will give you an update early next week on the progress of the building and what you will expect upon your return.  We have started the re-building process (roof) and are working really hard to get you back to your apartment as soon as possible.


Please call our office with questions 309.888.4444


Ulises Napoles | First Site,

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703 - 705 University - Update

Dear Residents 703 & 705 University:


Our staff continues to make you a priority… here are a few updates:


- The city as a whole is still attempting to recover from the major storm. Our office phones and internet are still down therefore there will be times when you will be unable to reach us in the office.


- Today, November 18, 2013 from 3-5pm our staff will be available at 703-705 University to escort you to your apartment to obtain any personal belongings you would like. More than likely, you will stay in your Hotel Suite until Monday morning (November 25th) so please plan accordingly as you collect your personal

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703 & 705 University

Residents of 703 & 705 University,


The intense storm system earlier today greatly affected the area… damaging winds caused property damage and left many businesses/homes without power.


Immediately after we learned about the damage which took place to your building (703 & 705 University), our staff reacted immediately. Your safety was our #1 priority… thankfully everyone was unharmed. Without delay our staff contacted the top local hotels in the area for availability. We wanted to insure you had suitable and comfortable accommodations right away. Our staff personally contacted all residents by phone and text to inform them

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What to Bring for Open Leasing!

Open Leasing is the 1st day of leasing to new residents! This will be on Wednesday, September 25th. At First Site you don't have to camp-out the night before or stand in a huge line! You simply call to set-up an appointment; we will have additional staff that day ready to help you. All you have to do is: 


1. Check out which apartment locations catch your eye on our website. Pick one or a few locations that will for you and your roommates. 


2. Call to schedule an appointment for September 25th - Hurry morning appointments are filling up fast. - No Camping Out or standing in long lines! 


On September 25th, you will

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