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Why First Site????

There are many reasons to choose First Site when selecting your new apartment for the 2018/19 school year, here are just a few...


  1. We are the only leasing company which guarantees your apartment will be professionally cleaned, carpet shampooed, painted and properly maintained before we issue keys.
  2. Most of our staff are ISU Alumni, therefore not only do we know our business, we also know the campus very well thus, understand your needs.   
  3. We have a true all-inclusive lease! (Gas, Heat, Water, Electric, Broadband Internet, Cable TV)
  • Not only are all utilities included, we give you a larger allowance than our competitors. Before you sign a lease somewhere else, ask them what their allowance is.
  • We also still include Cable TV in your package, most landlords do not.
  • We use Broadband Internet through ComCast, this means you only share high speed internet with your roommates NOT the entire building - thus, making our service through ComCast super fast!            Go Back to On-Campus Page.