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Oaks Remodel Move-in Schedule
July 31st, 2013
Oaks Remodel Move-in Schedule
July 31st, 2013

Your newly remodeled luxury townhome will be ready for move-in on Saturday, August 10th. Our staff is excited to see you and we will do our very best to make your transition easy and enjoyable. With the amount of residents moving in that day, we have to be extremely organized, therefore the following schedule was created to better serve you. 

Saturday, August 10, 2013: 

9am: Oaks 2, Oaks 4, Oaks 6, Oaks 7
10am: Oaks 8, Oaks 9, Oaks 10, Oaks 11
11am: Oaks 13, Oaks 14, Oaks 15, Oaks 20
12pm: Oaks 21, Oaks 22, Oaks 23, Oaks 26
1pm: Oaks 29, Oaks 30, Oaks 32, Oaks 33
2pm: Oaks 40, Oaks 41, Oaks 42, Oaks 46
3pm: Oaks 47, Oaks 49, Oaks 55, Oaks 62
4pm: Oaks 67, Oaks 68, Oaks 69, Oaks 70

Please be preset at your scheduled time and have all roommates with you... This always helps, that way all roommates listen to our orientation presentation during the same meeting and could ask questions etc. During your scheduled time, you will meet at our office (138 E. Beaufort St) and the following steps will take place: 

1. You will check in with our receptionist at your scheduled time. She will make sure everyone in the apartment has a co-signer form (guaranty of lease) - most parents have already completed this form. Also, our receptionist will make sure the apartment account has a Zero $ balance. Note: If there is no co-signer form or if a balance $ exists on the account it may delay your move-in.    

2. A staff member will meet with all roommates and conduct an orientation which consists of explaining our policy book, assigning apartment keys, security key fobs, mailbox combinations etc. 

3. Once the orientation is complete you will travel to the townhome where another staff member will meet you and walk you through the townhome and explain renovations etc. Finally you can start moving your stuff in and begin enjoying all the features of our award-winning community!
Remember, times cannot to changed... feel free to contact our office if you have any questions! 

Ulises Napoles 
Leasing & Marketing Manager 
Licensed Leasing Consultant 
First Site, LTD.