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Once you have found someone to sublease from please complete the subleasing paperwork under "Resources." You can find the subleasing paperwork under "On Campus Forms." The paperwork needed is listed under "On Campus Sublease Packet 2020-2021."

Available: 2021-12-10 - 2022-05-08
$565/mo. Per Resident
Phone: (309) 238-3812

I am subleasing my room in a 2 bedroom newly renovated apartment. I will be graduating early so there is no need for me to be there. Roommate keeps to herself and is easy to get along with! The apartment is quiet and the neighbors are friendly.

Available: 2021-09-30 - 2022-05-05
$735/mo. Per Resident
Phone: (638) 803-7832

Moving due to death of grandmother and would like to be closer to home to help out.

Available: 2021-09-13 - 2022-05-07
$470/mo. Per Resident
Phone: (815) 901-6423

Searching for a female to fill my space in the apartment due to loss of job. 3 female roommates who are wonderful! Washer/dryer in-unit as well as dishwasher. Completely furnished!

Available: 2021-10-01 - 2022-03-01
$639/mo. Per Resident
Phone: (217) 493-8611

I am subleasing my room in a 2 bedroom townhouse with a 5-minute walking distance to ISU campus. Roommate keeps to themselves and is rarely in the apartment. 6 payments have been made on this apartment, only 6 left on a 12-month lease.

Available: 2021-12-01 - 2022-05-06
$555/mo. Per Resident
Phone: (815) 370-5561