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Fiber Internet & TV

First Site is excited to announce this FREE upgrade! We partnered with a new company in town called MetroNet to provide Cable TV & Internet (Fiber) 100% fiber - Doing things cable and DSL simply can’t do.


This is how it works

A fiber optic network uses tiny strands of glass, each as thin as a hair, to transmit beams of light over great distances.  Those beams carry unprecedented amounts of data - much more than cable or DSL - directly to your apartment. 


What makes 100% fiber so special?
The answer is bandwidth.


Benefits of Fiber Internet
  • Incredible bandwidth allowing much more data to flow through the line than any other technology
  • All the speed you and your roommates need, without sharing your connection with neighbors
  • Consistently fast, 24/7, with no slowdowns


Benefits of Fiber TV
  • More data flowing through the network means more data is being sent to your TV
  • Crystal-clear TV picture
  • No pausing, buffering, lag time, or pixelation
  • More programming features like advanced DVR capability