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703 & 705 University
November 18th, 2013 | Ulises Napoles
703 & 705 University
November 18th, 2013 | Ulises Napoles

Residents of 703 & 705 University,


The intense storm system earlier today greatly affected the area… damaging winds caused property damage and left many businesses/homes without power.


Immediately after we learned about the damage which took place to your building (703 & 705 University), our staff reacted immediately. Your safety was our #1 priority… thankfully everyone was unharmed. Without delay our staff contacted the top local hotels in the area for availability. We wanted to insure you had suitable and comfortable accommodations right away. Our staff personally contacted all residents by phone and text to inform them of their temporary accommodations.


First Site and its contractors will be working hard on getting you back home as soon as possible. You will continue your stay at your designated Hotel until you hear differently from us. We will continue to keep you informed daily with updates on progress.


Our staff will be available tomorrow and throughout this process. If you need a ride to class we will be delighted to help! Simply contact our office 309.888.4444 starting at 9am and one of our staff members will arrange a pick-up time. Thank you for your patience!


Ulises Napoles

Leasing & Marketing Manager

First Site