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Train derailment south of Uptown Normal
February 13th, 2021
Train derailment south of Uptown Normal
February 13th, 2021

First Site Residents:


As many of you are aware, a train derailed near Uptown Normal. Thankfully no one was injured, nor were there any hazardous material issues. There have been issues with power poles destroyed. As a result, we anticipate Ameren will be shutting down power in a large area around Uptown to make repairs.


The Town of Normal has informed us the clean-up might produce power outages at the following buildings:


Properties affected

Power outages might last between 12-18 hours. Currently, we don’t know when this will begin:   

605 Hester

609 Hester

102 W. College (Uptown North)

138 Beaufort

501 S. Fell

504 S. Fell

100 W. Vernon St.  

101 W. Phoenix St.

104 W. Cherry 

116 W. Cherry 

703-705 University


This has not been confirmed yet, however, we want to let you know all the information we currently have. If your building does lose power all residents will have to vacate, as the building will have no heat or water. Weather forecast will be -25 degrees with wind chill. Please begin to plan for this, in case The Town of Normal and Ameren Power confirm power outages. We recommend staying with friends or family this weekend. If you need hotel accommodations, please contact our office for more information.


In anticipation, we will begin to turn off water supply to the buildings on the list above starting at 1:30pm today, 2/13/21. This will prevent the water lines from freezing and bursting in your apartment. We will open them up again as soon as we receive information from Town of Normal.   


Please share this information with all of your roommates to make sure everyone is aware of this situation. We will relay more information as we receive it. Thank you! bcaa7d2c6-66fa-5484-941b-2723852f2b17.html#4