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Non-Residents: Open Leasing Starts 9/27/17
August 21st, 2017 | Ulises Napoles
Non-Residents: Open Leasing Starts 9/27/17
August 21st, 2017 | Ulises Napoles

At First Site, we hire additional staff during Open Leasing and offer a appontment-based system which means YOU and your ROOMMATES don't have to stand in a long line or camp-out!


All you have to do is:

1. Keep checking-out our website and look for a few properties that interest you.


2. Call or visit our office to schedule an appintment for September 27th. If you visit our office, we will give you a tour of our new office and show you all our new technology which makes finding a new apartment EASY! Please we will give you cool promotional material: T-Shirts, Hats, Solo Cups, Booklets with floor plans etc.  You can also meet with a First Site Agent which can answer your questions... We are all ISU Alumni so we've all been in your shoes! 


What to bring on September 28th...


1. A Photo ID (State ID or Driver's License). 


2. A check or credit card for a $85 processing fee.  Note: if you use a credit card an additional $10 fee will apply.   


3. Security Deposit of $200 p/ person ($350 for 1-bed Apt) may be paid on day you sign the lease, however, it is not required... you may pay the Security Deposit 30-days after you sign your lease or when your 1st rent payment is due - whatever comes 1st. 


4. When you are ready to sign your lease, a staff member will sit down with you and go through all lease paperwork and answer all of your questions. Are you out of town??? No problem! Our Agents can easily e-mail all the documents and walk you through everything via phone or we can even use Facetime to make the process even easier!