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Early Move-In 2024
January 29th, 2024
Early Move-In 2024
January 29th, 2024

Attention, current & future First Site residents, We are extremely excited to welcome our NEW residents as move-in time is quickly approaching! One exciting benefit we offer to new residents that have signed a 12-payment or 8-payment lease  is early move-in. This allows all NEW residents to move-in May 20th, instead of June 13th. 


Payment amount based on number of bedrooms ($150 per bedroom). See total payment for apartment types below:

  • $600 - 4 bedrooms
  • $450 - 3 bedrooms
  • $300 - 2 bedrooms
  • $150 - 1 bedroom


If your unit would like to take part in early move-in, please return the completed application (see link below) The form can only be submitted to: (payment must be made via the resident portal if approved for early move-in).


If you or any of your future roommates are current First Site residents you WILL NOT need to fill out the form. You will be able to participate in our transfer process. During the transfer process you will remain in your current apartment until your new apartment is move-in ready. Once you are notified that the new apartment is ready, you will have 24 hours to transfer your items from your current apartment to the new apartment. If you do not want to participate in the transfer process, you will schedule a move-out in April. 


If you signed a 10 Payment  lease you are not eligible for early move-in. Your move-in date will be Aug. 17th 2024. 



Early Move In Form 2024.pdf