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2 Bed
1.0 Bath
$579/mo. Per Resident
101 W. Phoenix
All Utilities Included

Electric, Gas, Water, Fiber Internet, Cable TV!

(Many landlords no Longer provide cable TV)

Plus we also include furniture and parking.


Lease Breakdown:

12 Payment = Move-in May/June 2022

10 Payment = Move-in August 2022

Price Rates

$579/mo. Per Resident

$609/mo. Per Resident

$675/mo. Per Resident

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Additional Information

101 Phoenix is one of the better values for a 2-bedroom. You get a lot of features that you won't find anywhere else for that price range like... Central Air (AC), private door bells, new windows, new hallway flooring, doorbells and other great features which make this building very attractive.


It's location is also perfect... right off Broadway street next to police station!


We love how affordable our apartment is... plus we get features that most of our friends don't have. We'll be here until we graduate!

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