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2 Bed
1.0 Bath
$599/mo. Per Resident
709 Dale
All Utilities Included


Electric, Gas, Water, Broadband Internet, Cable TV!

(Many landlords no Longer provide cable TV)

Plus we also include furniture and parking.


Lease Breakdown:

10 Payment = Move-in August 2021

12 Payment = Move-in May/June 2021

Price Rates

$599/mo. Per Resident

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To Move In?
Additional Information

Looking for a quiet location with contemporary furniture... a secured building... or just an affordable 2 bedroom apartment on campus? Well... why settle for 1 of the 3? Check out 709 Dale and get all of these features plus many more!

An added bonus- 709 Dale is a secured access building located 1 block from campus.


First Site was always the better choice. Our apartment super trendy, the perfect size and it's so close to campus!

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