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Fully Leased for 2024/25 School Year!
3 Bed
1.0 Bath
$665/mo. Utilities Included
114 W Willow
Fully Leased for 2024/25 School Year!
All Utilities Included

Electric, Gas, Water, Fiber Internet, Cable TV!

  • Many competitors don't include utilities

  • At a competitor's property you'll have surprise utility charges monthly - harder to budget

Our deposit is fully refundable!

  • Other leasing companies call it something different and keep it automatically.  

Plus, we also include furniture and parking. 


Lease Breakdown: 

12 Payment = Move-in May/June 2024


Price Rates

$665/mo. Per Resident

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Additional Information

114 W. Willow is the perfect all-around apartment. Every apartment has  smart HDTVs, new bedroom and bathroom upgrades and fabulous kitchens with Oak Cabinetry. It also has all the appliances which make college living easy... washer and dryer, digital dishwasher, etc. The entire building recieved brand new windows, plus new landscaping!


The 3 bedroom floor plan is huge! Lot's of space for fun and privacy, plus one parking space per bedroom - everyone gets a parking space at no extra cost! And if driving isn't your thing, there is a bike rack to store your bike year round! An added bonus, the door to the building is secured (Key Entry) and so are the mailboxes - safety first at this location.


I have been a resident for 2 years now...I love my apartment and First Site's staff.

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