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3 Bed
1.0 Bath
$525/mo. Per Resident
306 E. Taylor
All Utilities Included

Electric, Gas, Water, Fiber Internet, Cable TV!

(Many landlords no Longer provide cable TV)

Plus we also include furniture and parking.


Lease Breakdown: 

12 Payment = Move-in May/June 2022

10 Payment = Move-in August 2022

Price Rates

$525/mo. Per Resident

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Get comfy and stay a while in this great 3 bedroom apartment! Tucked away off of Taylor, this building has all the features you need and is still less than a 5 minute walk to campus. Enjoy the small building atmosphere with on-site laundry and off the street parking for when family and friends come to visit!


Best features are the stand-up tiled shower with a rain drop shower head and the front loading digital washer/dryer in each apartment.


We absolutely love our remodeled apartment! It's perfect! We will be staying here until we graduate - 2 years! Thank you First Site!

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