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4 Bed
2.0 Bath
$599/mo. Per Resident
114 W Willow

All Utilities Included:

Electric, Gas, Water, Fiber Internet, Cable TV!
(Many landlords no Longer provide cable TV)
Plus we also include furniture and parking


Lease Breakdown: 

12 Payment = Move-in May/June 2022

Price Rates

$599/mo. Per Resident

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Additional Information

114 W. Willow is the perfect all-around apartment. You get 1 parking space per resident, every apartment has a smart HDTV and fabulous kitchens with Oak Cabinets. It also has all the appliances which make college living easy... Above range microwave, digital dishwasher etc.


The 4 bedroom floor plan is huge! Lot's of space for fun and privacy!


At 114 W. Willow the door to the building is secured and so are the mailboxes. This building also has a bike rack to store your bike year round! Right near the intersection of Fell and Willow... you have no excuse not to go to class!!!


My apartment is top notch quality - It was just remodeled! When we walked in for the 1st time it was clean and inviting. Better than any other apartment I've rented on-campus! Thanks First Site!

Nicole, Resident
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