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Fully Leased for 2024/25 School Year!
4 Bed
2.0 Bath
$535/mo. Utilities Included
Trailhead Apartments
Fully Leased for 2024/25 School Year!
All Utilities Included

Electric, Gas, Water, Fiber Internet!

  • Many competitors don't include utilities

  • At a competitor's property you'll have surprise utility charges monthly - harder to budget

Our deposit is fully refundable!

  • Other leasing companies call it something different and keep it automatically.  

Plus, we also include furniture and parking. 


Lease Breakdown:

12 Payment = Move-in May/June 2024

10 Payment = Move-in August 2024

Price Rates

$535/mo. Per Resident

$585/mo. Per Resident

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Additional Information

This amazing property has a lot of perks and at the same time very reasonably priced. It's located close to campus and directly next to Constitution Trail. It even has a private path to easily and safely reach the trail.




We love our community, next to the trail, close to campus and our apartment is BIG!

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