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» August 2017

Group Leasing: Starts September 13, 2017

ISU & Wesleyan... Getting a big group together saves you money! Plus, we will buy your group or organization a fabulous meal at our new Buffalo Wild Wings location on Main Street - right across from campus! Check out this flyer below...



These (below) are some groups that have already visited our office for information on group leasing. You and your group/organization can also stop by for information at anytime!


Why First Site????

There are many reasons to choose First Site when selecting your new apartment for the 2018/19 school year, here are just a few...


  1. We are the only leasing company which guarantees your apartment will be professionally cleaned, carpet shampooed, painted and properly maintained before we issue keys.
  2. Most of our staff are ISU Alumni, therefore not only do we know our business, we also know the campus very well thus, understand your needs.   
  3. We have a true all-inclusive lease! (Gas, Heat, Water, Electric, Broadband Internet, Cable TV)
  • Not only are all utilities included, we give you a larger allowance than our competitors. Before
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Non-Residents: Open Leasing Starts 9/27/17

At First Site, we hire additional staff during Open Leasing and offer a appontment-based system which means YOU and your ROOMMATES don't have to stand in a long line or camp-out!


All you have to do is:

1. Keep checking-out our website and look for a few properties that interest you.


2. Call or visit our office to schedule an appintment for September 27th. If you visit our office, we will give you a tour of our new office and show you all our new technology which makes finding a new apartment EASY! Please we will give you cool promotional material: T-Shirts, Hats, Solo Cups, Booklets with floor plans etc.

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Current Residents: Can Lease now!

Dear Current Residents,


I hope you had a wonderful summer and thank you for choosing First Site as your home for the 17/18 school year. Even though classes have just begun, it is time to decide where you will live next year! We would like you to have the first opportunity to re-sign for your apartment. However, as I’m sure you are
aware, there is currently a shortage of centrally located quality housing on-campus. Our doors will be open throughout August and September to assist you in re-signing or transferring to the perfect apartment, and ensuring you are set for the 2018-2019 school year.



Your current

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Important Towing Dates 2017

Important Towing Information 2017!


Welcome Back First Site Residents! We hope that you have had an excellent summer and want to give you some important information before your school year begins getting too hectic. The following are very important dates and directions are concerning how to pick up your Parking Stickers from Joe's Towing in Normal.


Towing for all First Site Properties will begin on Friday 8/25/2017 at 6:00 pm, please make sure to have your sticker by then. Any vehicle parked in a First Site lot that does not have a sticker properly displayed shall be subject to being towed with no notice at the vehicle

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August Move-In Is Almost Here!

Move-in day is approaching and we are excited and ready for your arrival! In order to better serve you we have scheduled move-in orientations beginning, August 14th – August 19th.

The schedule below has your apartment’s date/time for your orientation meeting. During this meeting in our office, a staff member will review our policy book with you, issue keys and a staff member will meet you at your new apartment.


Remember, your lease does NOT begin until August 19th, however as a courtesy we are allowing apartments to move-in starting on August 14th.     


Please contact all of your roommates and inform them of the

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